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App Review of the Week: Idiom Stories – Quizzes to Learn Idioms (Free as of this Writing!)

Editor’s Note:  At the time of this posting, this app has gone free!  Grab it while you can.   If not, at .99 it is still recommended.  
idiomstoriesPurpose of App: Introduce and quiz on common English idioms.
I never realized how complicated the English language is until I began to explain various parts to my children. I will not even start on spelling and the whole “i before e except…” business. The English language can be confusing; and since my son has Asperger’s, he is very literal in his thinking and speech. Idioms can be very difficult for children on the Autism spectrum, as well as other children struggling with more abstract figures of speech.
Idioms are defined as an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words, but that has a separate meaning of its own. In more general terminology, it’s a figure of speech that has evolved over time. While my daughter thinks, “it’s raining cats and dogs” is funny and only mildly confusing, my son gets upset and says that it makes no sense.
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