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Autism Corner: Tips for Teachers with Students on the Autism Spectrum

[Source: My Aspergers Child]

Students with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism (HFA) may fall anywhere in the continuum between withdrawn and active but odd. These children want to communicate with their peers – but may lack the ability to do so. They do not understand what people are feeling or thinking and have difficulty empathizing with them. When asked to imagine themselves in a particular situation, they experience great difficulty and may not be able to role-play. There is a lack of understanding of body language and social conventions, and they have great difficulty in making and sustaining friendships.

Because of this, Aspergers and HFA children miss out on many aspects of teenage culture. For example, they may have no knowledge of pop music, football, fashion etc. Therefore, when such topics are used to stimulate interest in examination questions, they can be at a disadvantage.

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