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Book Review: Difference or Disorder

by Gina Glover, CCC- SLP
As a monolingual Speech-Language Pathologist, I often have to research languages that I need to assess or treat with an interpreter when there is no trained bilingual SLP available. This book has the phonemic systems, language patterns and cultural information all in one place for several languages we commonly encounter which will save me hours of research. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having so much in one easy to read and easy to understand book. This will be a valuable tool for me as an SLP and I recommend it to other SLPs, especially those who are monolingual like me. I particularly enjoyed the personal narrative or “Home Corner” as you call it where individuals share their personal experience
by Darla Marcear
I work for a school district that serves a diverse student population, including a large number of refugees from Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Somalia. One campus in particular, has a student body with over 20 different languages spoken. This has been a challenge for our speech-language pathology (SLP) evaluation team , and we have come to rely on the resources provided by Dr. Kester and her team at Bilinguistics. This book, in particular, conveniently organizes the features of various languages to aid the SLP in determining if there is a speech-language disorder present, versus a speech-language difference. In addition, the book provides a framework for making this same determination for any language an SLP may encounter when working with students/clients. I would highly recommend this book to any SLP who works with culturally diverse populations, to assist in the accurate assessment of speech-language disorders.
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