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Book Review: "Holes" by Tara McClintick

Reviewer: Cheryl Flores and CARE (Colaborative Autism Resources and Education)
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“Holes”, is one of many books, including “Jack-O-Lantern”, and “Water”, by author, Tara McClintick and published through books by tara.Com.
As soon as you pick up this book, you will notice some of this book (and the others created by this author), unique features, including its length (it is 20 pages long), the large-size photographs, the spiral binding (making it easier to handle for persons with motor skills difficulties, but also for providing single-page focus for a page, and the large, full-size color pictures.
In addition to the “Physical” features of this book, it is its pictures that make it truly unique. This book is a visually stimulating exploration of the concept of holes. The book uses crisp photos to visually engage students as they learn a new concept. I recommend the book as a beginning to, or companion to, lessons regarding what a hole is. As a speech-language pathologist working with children with Autism I found this book a great resource for transitioning from the concept of circle to the more contextually relevant word hole.
My students (elementary school level) were highly engaged by the sharp, clean pictures. This book was also used with children with autism in a home-based setting with equally positive feedback and engagement.
This Book is not just about the concept of holes, but is a unique opportunity and potential motivator for children to engage with the book with another peer or adult on a subject. I would recommend this book and its companion books, as a tool to enhance language concepts not only for the school, but in the home setting, for children with autism or others requiring additional support.
Featured Product Reviewer: Cheryl Flores CARE(Colaborative Autism Resources and Education)
Cheryl Flores is a speech language pathologist working in the public school system and is a consultant working with CARE 1-1 with children with autism or ASD.
Collaborative Autism Resources and Education (CARE) has been providing a range of services for children, youth, adults, and families for years. Although our primary focus has been persons with autism, our team has a range of experiences and provides training, technical support, and conducts program evaluations with persons with developmental disabilities and needs. For more information, you can go to or call 1-877-712-2735.
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