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Book Review of the Week: Teaching The Difference Between Honesty and Being Frank

Thank You to Sheri Artemenko, M.A., CCC-SLP  of Play on Words for sharing this book review!
being frank
Often as speech pathologists we are called upon to teach kids the nuances of language. What does someone REALLY mean when they say something? Can we get some clues from their face and body language?
I just found this new book, “Being Frank” by Donna W. Earnhardt, at the library that deals with the difference between “being frank” and “being honest.” I have had fun reading and discussing it with my kids in language therapy to see their understanding of the subtle difference. Frank (also his name) believed that honesty is the best policy until he managed to annoy, enrage and offend his family and friends with his overly frank comments. Telling his teacher her breath smelled funny, his friend her freckles reminded him of the Big Dipper or pointing our mom’s wrinkles did not go over well. He takes off to visit his confidant and pal, Grandpa, who admits he had the same problem in the past. Frank got some lessons in watching Grandpa tell the truth but keep it kind as he commented on an outrageous floral hat and sampled some very spicy relish, but managed t0 find something good and truthful to tell his friends.
Being Frank offers a wonderful opportunity to talk about reactions, changing behavior, being truthful without hurting others, and explaining the subtle changes that Frank made to regain his friends!
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Featured Contributor: Sherry Y. Artemenko M.A., CCC_SLP
For more than 30 years, Sherry Artemenko has worked with children to improve their speech and language, serving as a speech language pathologist in both the public and private school systems and private practice.
Sherry founded the PAL Award (Play Advances Language) to recognize outstanding children’s toys, games and books that can build language. Her PAL Award reviews give parents, educators, manufacturers and retailers specific ways to use award winning products to enhance language. Visit Sherry’s website to view her winners.
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