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Book: The Entire World of S and Z Instructional Workbook

1st January, 2008
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The Entire World of S & Z Instructional Workbook, by Christine and Jim Ristuccia, combines the best tips, techniques and proven therapeutic exercises for /s/ and /z/ into one handy reference book.

The Entire World of S & Z strategy is to evaluate and initially treat frontal and lateral /s/ disorders by using target phonemes that are in the approximate phonemic production zone. The foundation of The Entire World of S & Z strategy is the “exploded /t/” or the /ts/. Often the hardest part of lisp remediation is getting the student to say a correct /s/. The /ts/ provides a springboard for correct production. Ample techniques, worksheets, stories and activities are included for /ts/ practice.
What’s truly unique about this workbook is the comprehensive nature of the material provided. Other chapters of the 200+ page book include; Alveolar Target Exercises (/ls/ & /ns/ activities); Initial, Medial and Final /s/; Initial /s/ Blends (/sm/, /sl/, etc.); Final /s/ Clusters (/sts/, /sk/, etc.), and; Initial, Medial and Final /z/ along with /lz/, /nz/, /dz/ worksheets. The /z/ phoneme exercises are included to treat devoicing which may occur during excessive /s/ therapy practice.
Based on the popular The Entire World of R format, the first part of the book is a wealth of easy to use information for the clinician. Included are topics on the voiced consonant rule, tips to elicit /s/ and /z/, screening form, evaluation and treatment strategies, as well as step-by-step case studies with detailed remediation steps.
The workbook is designed for speech-language therapists who work with articulation disorders. The material is appropriate for classroom therapy and has reproducible worksheets for homework practice.
[Source: Say It Right]
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