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Clinicians Corner: Yes, Siri! Voice to Text makes Therapy Note Documentation a Smooth Experience!

by Ruth Morgan, CCC-SLP
siriMany of you have newer iPhones.  I have an iPad Air.  I have shaved valuable time off of my therapy session documentation by dictating my notes into the iPad.  My colleagues who have iPhones do the same. Handwriting is going by the wayside!  I have terrible handwriting, but when I type or dictate, my notes are detailed and organized (and Medicaid compliant).
How do we set up notes for dication?  First, make sure Siri is enabled on your iPad or iPhone.

1.  Create Google forms for each student. Google forms can have specific questions geared to your students’ IEPs. I also have a place on each form for a synopsis of the therapy session.  Tutorial for this is here.

2.  Add the child’s Google form to your home screen on your iPhone or iPad. Keep in mind that you need to have an Apple gadget that is more recent than an iPad 1 or 2.  A tutorial for adding the Google form to the home screen is here.

3.  Then dictate your notes!  When you open the form, touch a cell.  The keyboard will open, and you will see a microphone icon in the bottom row.  Touch that, and talk……slowly. 
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