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Developmental Delay Alert: Is Mountain Living Dangerous To Your Baby’s Brain?

7th February, 2013

[Source:  Speech]
For children who are born and live in high altitude regions, researchers have discovered a link between extreme altitudes and developmental delays. This may lead to an increased need for speech therapy techniques and practitioners in the affected areas. The study, by Dr. George Wehby, Professor of Health Management and Policy at University of Ohio, analyzed the developmental health of over 2,100 South American children looking for neurodevelopmental issues. The findings were staggering.
The study was conducted in South America in countries where altitudes are among the highest in the world. Their research found that for every 100 meter (328 feet) increase in altitude, children were 2% more likely to suffer developmental delays. The results showed that children born and living at altitudes above 8,530 feet were twice as likely to experience learning problems as those living at 2,625 feet and below.
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