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Emergency Evacuation Should Be Part of the IEP

By: Charles P. Fox
Copyright 2011. Reprinted with the express permission of the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism as it appeared on their website March 11, 2011

Photo: School in China after 2008 Earthquake.  Credit: Nick Kozak
Note from the editors for readers from outside of the United States: In the US, educational rights for students with disabilities are covered by the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). IDEA requires that each student covered under IDEA must have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Another piece of legislation, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also has educational implications. The particular section that refers to education is Section 504; accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities covered under ADA is commonly referred to as “a 504 plan”.
Further comments from the editors: This post had been planned for some time. As we were preparing this post for publication, Japan experienced a 8.8+ earthquake. In addition to the earthquake destruction, many areas of Japan’s coast were hit with tsunamis, with further destruction and loss of life. At this time (03/11/11, 12:02 am, Pacific
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Our Featured Author / Organization: Charles Fox and the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
About the Author: (from his website) SpecialEdLawBlog: When Charles (“Charlie”) P. Fox set his sights on becoming a lawyer, he never envisioned that he would be concentrating his practice in special education law, supporting the needs and rights of children and young adults. But, as a veteran special education attorney, Fox has found his path with the beacon light of his son Cole, now 18+, guiding the way.
The “catalyst and defining principle” for Fox when he entered special needs law
was his then two-year-old son, who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy who needed an advocate. Now considered “my hero” by Cole, Fox works to assure that his son and other children with special needs receive an appropriate public education.
Fox debuted his blog ( in 2006, with this site covering a spectrum of issues facing special needs students and their families — from personal commentary on failures of the system and latest research findings to humorous contributions by his wife, children’s book author Lori Miller Fox.
Fox has honed his writing skills through drafting of legal briefs, as an editor of the IIT Chicago Kent College Law Review and working as a judicial clerk for an Appellate Court Judge after law school for two years. He is a member of both the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois trial bar and of the bar for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.
About the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism (the website and the book) exists to help people with autism and their families make sense of the bewildering array of available autism treatments and options, and determine which are worth their time, money, and energy. We also want to encourage respectful attitudes towards autistics and people with autism.
Why We Are Doing This: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism (TPGA) is the book and website we wish had been available when our loved ones with autism were first diagnosed.
Autism misinformation clouds and is perpetuated by the Internet. We want to make accurate information about autism causation and therapies visible, accessible, and centralized.
We also want to help new autism community members develop a positive yet realistic attitude, to appreciate the strengths while supporting the struggles of our loved ones with autism.
Our attitude is cautionary yet loving — we are interested in strong opinions, but not in negativity. Our families need their energies for evidence-based optimism!
Please support our contributors and visit the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism and Special Education Law Blog

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