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Encouraging Parents to Seek Help For Stuttering – Going With Your Gut

[Source:  The Stuttering Foundation]
goingwithgutby Voon Pang
When I read headlines that say “One in Ten Children Stutter, But It’s No Big Deal” or “Study: Preschoolers’ Stuttering Not Harmful,” I tend to think of the implications they have for the time constrained parent or doctor. We all live in a world where lives have become busier, social media is part of the norm and we get to access new information quicker than ever before. I believe that this has made us more prone to skipping over important details and not trusting our instincts with what we feel is right for us (or our patients).
Let me share with you a quick personal story about trusting your instincts and asking for help. About two years ago, I noticed that a mole on my shoulder had changed colour and I started frantically panicking and thinking about skin cancer and my future. I didn’t help the cause by “Googling” as much information as I could and confused myself with different images of what was a melanoma or what was an ordinary mole. Eventually, I sought help and got a mole scan, which put my mind at ease. It turned out that I had two moles, which looked sketchy with both having the potential to be cancerous (fortunately, the biopsy results revealed that they were both non-cancerous – let me tell you, the wait for the results was worse than the operation). I think the process of seeking help for stuttering can be similar. It is pretty darn scary and the unknown can be overwhelming…
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