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Excerpt from The Practical (and Fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools

By: Christopher R. Bugaj, CCC-SLP and Sally Norton Darr, CCC-SLP
All Material Copyright 2010, ISTE ® (International Society for Technology in Education), The Practical (and Fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools, Christopher R. Bugaj and Sally Norton-Darr
Reprinted with the express permission of [Christopher R. Bugaj] as originally published on International Society for Technology in Public Schools.
The Practical (and Fun) Guide to Assistive Technology in Public Schools is a step-bystep guide that leads educators through setup and implementation of an effective assistive technology (AT) team. The many analogies, including practical tips, resources, and strategies, keep the reader turning the page, as do the many pirates and zombies. The book has information and insight for educators with any level of AT experience.
In chapter 6, “Choosing Assistive Technology Teammates,” the authors make recommendations on assembling an AT team—who should be on the team, what qualities are best in a team member and team leader, and what to avoid. This chapter provides an example of the practical advice found throughout the book while getting a taste of the authors’ unique way of driving home a point—with humor.
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This Month’s Featured Organization and Authors: International Society for Technology in Education, Christopher R. Bugaj and Sally Norton-Darr
Christopher R. Bugaj, an assistive technology trainer, is a founding member of the AT team for Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia. In addition to his work in Loudoun County, he also works as an adjunct professor for George Mason University and is the host and producer of the award-winning podcast series A.T.TIPScast, a series about implementing AT in public schools. Bugaj holds a master of arts in speech pathology from Kent State University and presents at educational conferences throughout the United States.
Sally Norton-Darr is an assistive technology trainer for Loudoun County Public Schools and a nationally certified speech-language pathologist. After earning degrees from Pennsylvania State University, she went on to work in a variety of settings, including public schools in Utah and Virginia, for the state of New Jersey as a director of speech therapies, and in private practice. Norton-Darr presents on high- and low-tech AT topics both nationally and regionally.

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