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Feel Good Story of the Week: New Clothing Line for People with Down Syndrome

Disabled people like being fashionable too, and that includes people with Down syndrome. However, it can be tough for them to find trendy clothes that fit well, because the nature of their chromosomal disorder can cause distinctive physical anomalies that are incompatible with off-the-rack clothes.
That started to be a source of frustration to Ashley DeRamus, a vibrant 30-year-old woman with Down syndrome who adores fashion, so she decided to do something about it: she started designing her own clothes, and she just launched her own line specifically developed for people with Down syndrome, Ashley By Design.
Women with Down syndrome tend to have short torsos and legs, and may be medium to heavily-built depending on their activity levels and any medications they may need to take. That combination can be difficult in the aisles of a department store, where it sometimes seems like everything cute and fashionable is designed for willowy women. Buying clothes can turn into a nightmare because after paying for them, it’s still necessary to pay for costly alterations to get them to fit right.
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