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Game Review for Speech: Scattergories – The Card Game

[Source:  The Obfuscated Objective]
This week’s game is Scattergories: The Card Game by Winning Move Games.
Variants/Expansions: None.
General Overview: Scattergories: The Card Game is a word-based party game for two or more players of age 8+. The game presents the players with two decks of cards – a category deck and a letter deck – and the top card of each deck is revealed to all players. The first player to slap the “I KNOW” card and provides something that starts with the letter and fits in the category gets to take either the category card or the letter card. That card is replaced, and play starts again. Once one deck is depleted, the player with the greatest number of cards is the winner.
Skill Support:

  • Category Naming/Identification/Comparison – Generating items that fit into categories is the game’s core theme and skill.
  • Spelling is supported by the game in a minor fashion, as knowing what letter words start with is an integral part of the game.
  • Processing Speed – The first person to hit “I KNOW” gets the point, so processing

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