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Genes’ Role In Cerebral Palsy ‘Much Stronger’ Than Once Thought

[Source: Disability Scoop]
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With new findings suggesting that genes play a significant role in cerebral palsy, researchers say that broader use of genetic testing in those with the condition may be warranted.
In a study of 115 children with cerebral palsy and their parents, researchers found that about 10 percent of these kids had copy number variations — or structural alterations to portions of their DNA — affecting genes deemed “clinically relevant” to their condition.
By comparison, scientists said that such genetic variations are found in less than 1 percent of the general population.
“Our research suggests that there is a much stronger genetic component to cerebral palsy than previously suspected,” said Maryam Oskoui of McGill University in Montreal who led the study published this month in the journal Nature Communications.
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