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Halloween Speech Lesson of the Week: Where’s My Mummy?

Editor’s Note:  PediaStaff would like to welcome Kristin Cummings, M.S. CCC-SLP to our guest blogging team!  Kristin runs the Simply Speech blog and has some wonderful ideas to share with you.  Please enjoy this great Halloween idea that she wrote up specifically for us!

by Kristin Cummings, M.S. CCC-SLP

I love fall and I love Halloween! Even more, I love the story, Where’s My Mummy? by Carolyn Crimi. I use this book every October with my speech and language students. This is an adorable, not so scary, story of little baby mummy that does not want to go to bed. Instead, he plays “hide and shriek” and runs into some Halloween creatures along the way.

There are so many fabulous activities you can do with this story. Here are some ideas of goals you can address with this book:

  • comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • sequencing
  • story predicting
  • articulation
  • story retell
  • categories

After the read aloud, each student created their own baby mummy. To make the mummy, I gave each child a paper plate. Then, they shredded some paper to make the bandages and glued the paper to the plate.  I pre-cut black eyes for them and they drew on a smiley face or scared face.

In addition to creating their own baby mummy character, we did a shared writing activity on chart paper. We titled the paper “When I’m Scared, My Mummy….” and each student answered what their “mummy” (mommy) does to make them feel better when they are scared. Some of the answers you get will be pretty funny! Here is a picture of our display:

I also created a card game that can be used many different ways. To use, download the file, print, cut, and laminate the cards. Each card has a picture of a character from the story on it. The way I use it, cards are face down on the table. Students have to practice their target sound 5 times before they choose a card from the pile. Each card either has a point value, or a message (lose a turn, extra turn, reverse game order, etc) You could also have students answer a question before they take a card or practice any other goal before a turn. To download the game click here:



Featured Contributor/Blogger:  Kristin Cummings, M.S. CCC-SLP

Kristin Cummings is a school based and private SLP from St. Petersburg, FL. She is also the author of the Simply Speech blog. You can reach Kristin on Facebook, Twitter, or email below:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook:!/pages/simply-speech/359477697406777?fref=ts
  • Twitter: simply_speech

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