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How To Make Flubber, Glurch and Other Homemade Art Supplies

Editor’s Note: Thank you to our friends at Your Therapy Source for telling us about this page! Although this post was written for parents, I am sure you agree that these recipes make great therapy materials.
[Image: homemadesupplies.JPG]
The first time I made a batch of playdough for my son I was amazed. Amazed that the recipe worked, amazed at how quick and easy it was and, mostly, amazed at how much nicer it was than the kind that comes in a can. Smooth, supple and soft, even months later. If you’re still buying dough in a can, I urge you to convert. And there’s a whole world of art supplies you can make in your own kitchen – some I’ve never even heard of like flubber, glurch, gak and oobleck.
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