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Interview Topic of the Week: HIPAA

hippaaDoes HIPAA apply at your facility? If so, what are your HIPAA guidelines?   How do you comply with HIPAA on a daily basis? 
The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 established privacy rules patients in health care settings and does apply in many cases for therapy.
Most therapists know that Clinics and Hospitals must comply with HIPAA, but did you know that in some states, schools must also comply?
In most cases, the HIPAA privacy rule does not apply in schools because the medical records in question are by definition ‘education records’ under FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and therefore not subject to the HIPAA privacy rule.
However, in some states, the DOE is responsible for providing early intervention, and as such is considered a “covered entity” and bills Medicaid and subsequently must comply with HIPAA.  Your best bet is to ALWAYS ask your interviewer if HIPAA compliance is required and to make sure you have that training before you take a new position!
It is impossible to know state by state, district by district which schools will fall under HIPAA and which do not, so our advice is for you to ASK and make sure you understand – during the interview process, or at the latest when you accept an offer.

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