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Irish Researcher Makes Challenging Discovery About Autism and Dyslexia

[Source:  The Irish Times]
An Irish researcher’s studies of how we integrate the inputs from our senses could provide new insights into autism and dyslexia, writes Claire O’Connell
When you listen to someone talking in a noisy room, you hear what they say. But you most likely look at them too – seeing their mouth move could be the difference between understanding them and not.
And when you type, you not only touch the keyboard, but you see and hear it as you tap out the letters.
Our brains integrate inputs from several senses to figure out the world around us, and Irish researcher Prof John Foxe has been making inroads into understanding how that happens.
“When we are walking around as normal, maybe doing the shopping, we are getting information into our bodies and brains from all the senses,” says Foxe, who is professor of paediatrics and neuroscience at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. “And when you see an object, you may also reach out and touch it and listen to the noise that it makes.”
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