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Movie Review: Certain Proof: A Question of Worth

4th June, 2014

[Source:  Chapel Hill Snippets]
Over the weekend, I watched a wonderful movie, Certain Proof:  A Question of Worth.
I watched it, cried, and then watched it again the next day. This was an awesome experience–the best movies are those that make you dwell on lines, scenes, people the next days and weeks.  This was one!
Rather than writing up my own synopsis, I found one online from IMDb:   
“Certain Proof: A Question of Worth” is a feature documentary about three children living with significant communication and physical disabilities, who struggle against the public schools in an emotional battle to prove their worth.
 Over the course of two and a half years, “Certain Proof” follows the lives of Josh, Colin and Kay, three children with cerebral palsy. Despite multiple disabilities, they fight to prove that they are able to learn and deserve to be taught. Colin finds “No Child Left Behind” has exceptions; Kay combats harsh stereotypes inside middle school; and Josh faces continual doubt that he can learn at all. They and their families dare to hope in a striking testament to the complexity of the human spirit.” 

The purpose of this blog entry is to encourage any of you who work with children with severe physical disabilities to purchase or rent this movie and watch it.     Unfortunately, it’s not available on Netflix, but I bought it through iTunes.

 The movie is about hope and determination–on the part of the kids and parents.  Watching this forced me to see life through their eyes–and then think about what I need to change in myself (my thoughts, expectations, practice) when working with children with significant communication difficulties.
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