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New Pinterest Pin for Discussion for SLPeeps and the Social OTs / PTs – It's a Contest!

3rd February, 2012

So here is a fun one…  I found this pin last week and proposed it to the School Psychogists to see how many interesting ideas they could come up with.    The Social Psych Discussion Group on Pinterest is still pretty small, so they’ve been kind of quiet, but I know that with over 175 SLPeeps and Social OTs and Social PTs  signed up for their respective Pinterest Discussion Groups that surely we can get some good ideas from you guys!   I am including the PTs on this one since it could definitely include sensorimotor and cross over into both disciplines.
Let’s see which group can come up with the most ideas?   SLPeeps, or the combined strength of the OTs and PTs?   Check out the links below the photo (not the blog comments please) to enter your ideas!

Speech Language Pathology Ideas for this Pin Can Be Entered HERE
Have fun!  May the best team win (for bragging rights!)!

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