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Nonverbal Learning Disability: What the SLP Needs to Know

By: Volden, J. (2002, October 22). The ASHA Leader.
All of a sudden, it seems that everyone is talking about something called “nonverbal learning disability” or NLD. Speech-language pathologists receive referrals where NLD is listed as the diagnosis. Psychologists and teachers discuss NLD at coffee and at team meetings. For many SLPs, this is an unfamiliar diagnostic term, and its use raises several questions. Clinicians ask: What is nonverbal learning disability? What causes it? How do I recognize it? If it’s nonverbal, what does it have to do with me? Is there a communication problem? How should I assess these children? What do I do about it? Unfortunately, since research has lagged behind the rapid rise in popularity of this diagnostic category, definitive answers to these questions are in short supply, but this article is an attempt to provide at least partial answers to some of them.
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