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Pediatric Therapy Corner: Classic Games to Strengthen Executive Function (Ages 7+)

by Jennifer Hatfield CCC-SLP

If you’ve been following me a while, you know that I’m a BIG…let’s say HUGE…fan of games for developing Executive Function skills. I remember the giddiness that I felt when I read my first research article on how great game playing is for developing cognitive/EF skills {speech and language of course too!}. From that point on, my therapy and coaching took on an entirely new look/feel.

As a parent, I know that trying to carve out more time for something is nearly impossible. In my practice, I have always tried to recommend activities and programs that are easy for families to implement, FUN for all and BIG on benefit for skill development.

Chess, Scrabble, and Pictionary


Featured Contributor:  Jennifer M. Hatfield M.H.S, CCC- SLP

Jennifer M. Hatfield M.H.S, CCC-SLP has been a speech pathologist for 16 years.  Her special interests are picky eaters and executive function.    She is the president/founder of Therapy and Learning Services, Inc and can be read regularly on the Therapy & Learning Services Blog


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