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Pediatric Therapy Corner: What Therapists Mean to the Preemie Parent

By: Deb Discenza,

Between Early Intervention, ChildFind and Special Education services, preemie parents get to know the therapeutic community well. With so much effort going into helping their child thrive, parents would like you to know the inside scoop on what you do for them every day.
What We Love About You
We love the way you greet our family at each visit. Your positive attitude does so much to instill confidence in us. We may be struggling with a new diagnosis or trying to put on a brave face for family and friends who don’t understand. But your welcoming attitude reminds us that we matter in a world that still focuses heavily on perfection.
Every Step of Progress is a Big Deal to Us and We Appreciate the Celebrations. Every excited exclamation, every hug, every trill of joy from you makes our day. So much has gone so very awry in our world that it is important to celebrate each and every milestone with true triumph.
Giving Us Simplified Background on What the Exercises are for Helps Us Want to Focus Heavily on the Homework. Your very easy explanations on how the home exercises help makes us more likely to want to put in the time for the homework. It gives us a map of where we are going, a goal.
What We Want You To Know
We Know You are Busy But We are Grateful for Your Time and Attention. You have a full client base and we have our many things to do as well. But you spend time with us and make us feel special, like we are the only client on your list that day. It means a lot.
Life Hands Us Some Really Tough Days. Like you, we have our good days and our bad days. More often than not, those days can be a lot tougher than many people would imagine with so many therapies and other life issues at hand. It is a struggle. We really appreciate your understanding when we are running late, haven’t been able to complete our homework assignments and more. We are really trying to our best. If there is something that you need to discuss at length we are listening and we are grateful for your respectful tone when going over touchy subjects.
We Are Thrilled with Quick and Simple Homework Assignments With so many homework assignments from so many therapies and such, it is sometimes hard to work it all into our family schedule. Thank you for taking such care to create a homework assignment that we all know can be achieved. Sometimes just knowing we could do something towards achieving the therapy goal, no matter how small, is pure gold. It gives everyone confidence.

This Month’s Featured Author: Deb Discenza

Deb Discenza is the Co-Founder of PreemieWorld (, the Co-Author of “The Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU,” and a Column Editor for the “Neonatal Network Journal.” Prior to PreemieWorld, Deb was the Founder and Publisher of “Preemie Magazine.” She runs a special LinkedIn Group ( called Early Intervention Professionals and encourages you to join and meet up with other therapists online. Please feel free to reach Deb at [email protected]

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