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Peds Tx Corner: Social Behavior Starts with Social Thought: The Four Steps of Perspective Taking

29th March, 2017

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Students (including adults) usually respond that social thinking is only used while within a social interaction, such as hanging out with friends, playing a game, etc. It takes much discussion for students to begin to realize that social thinking is active any time you share space with others, even if you are not in direct communication. How many of us move our shopping carts out of the way of a fellow shopper walking down the same isle of a grocery store? That’s social thinking.

Social thinking is active not just when we are in the company of others, but any time we are thinking about others. When alone, don’t we analyze past social interactions in our heads, wondering if the other person perceived our actions in the intended way? We call or email to clarify a message or offer an apology when we realize we may have been misinterpreted, or that our actions were just plain wrong. Social thinking at work!

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