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Questions for Spanish Speaking Parents About a Kiddo's Stuttering or Disfluency

As I have mentioned in the past, Judith Kuster hosted a session at the most recent ASHA convention called “Internet Gold.” Here is another one of her great resources!
Disfluencies/Stuttering Questions for the Parents – from Spanish Phrasing for SLPs is a wonderful set of questions in Spanish, that SLPs can use when visiting with the Spanish speaking parents of their kiddos.
The resource is an excerpt from an entire book of questions called Spanish Phrasing for SLPs by Dorothy Miranda Esckelson and Adulfa Aguirre Morales, but she obtained permission from the author to reprint the section on questions for disfluency and stuttering on her website for your free access.
Editor’s Note: The link on Judith’s site to the publisher of this book is not working currently.  We have found out that the book is out of print.  Please email me at heidi at pediastaff dot com if you are interested in finding this book and we will see if we can track down the authors.
Enjoy Judy Kuster’s page on Disfuencies/Stuttering: Questions for the Parents in Spanish HERE
To see more of Judith Kuster’s wonderful ideas and favorite sites for SLPs visit her website at

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