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Seasonal Activity of the Week: Green Eggs & Ham!

Editor’s Note!  Please enjoy this oldie but goody that we originally posted five years ago!


The Easter stuff is already out, so it should be easy to find plenty of green plastic eggs for this adorable activity.

We shared this on Instagram last week.  Some suggestions included:

  • Cut up students’ target articulation words and put inside eggs
  • Clues for a treasure hunt.  Hide Seuss goodies (pencils, Seuss book of the day, etc)
  • Gross Motor Activities inside each egg
  • Rewards…open an egg at the end of every session or after good behavior

from Pediatric Occupational Therapists on FB

  • Put letters in the eggs to make words from the book.
  • Rhyming words match from the book inside eggs.
  • Miniature objects from book
  • Words that they have to write in upper, lower, cursive or type keyboarding and then make sentences using them that are different from the book.
  • Look up meaning of words.
  • Match pictures with sounds of letters, blend, words, etc.
  • Secret code writing activity with letters, numbers or symbols matching a coded sheet with lines from the book or secret messages they have to write and decipher or match with letter tiles or word tiles to make secret message
  • Put fruit loops cereals in them that kids can string into necklace or bracelets.
  • Sequence the colors of the fruit loops (or any colored item) in number equations, patterns , sort by color or pattern etc.
  • How about perler beads and pipe cleaners? Make patterns, match colors.
  • Pony bead kit, little leather lacing project, knitting spool and yarn, a handful of HWT flip crayons, some stick a licks.

from School-Based Speech And Language Therapy Group on FB

  • little rubber toys for sorting by color, size, and category could fit in there!
  • stickers…. jelly beans…. cheerios….
  • I will so use this idea! Not sure how yet, but I LOVE it! Maybe artic target pictures or words to put into sentence order or vocabulary targets. So many cool ideas, I’m sure!

from My Munch Bug  

  • Exploring new foods doesn’t just happen at the dinner table. I love crafts and fine motor activities like this egg sorter for kids to discover the smooth & cool feel of egg shells (or better yet, the solid egg white!) before tasting them later at snack time. Prefer a natural colorant for dying eggs? Try India Tree Natural Decorating Colors, derived from vegetable colorants!
  • Here’s an article that aligns with  Melanie’s idea!:

Learn More About this Activity from the Original Blog Post!

Anyone have more ideas????

(Re-grammed and featured here with express permission of the blogger!)


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