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Selective Mutism in the News: The Children Who Choose to Stay Silent

[Source:  Daily Mail]

At home Lucy Parker is a typical five-year-old, chatting away non-stop as she plays pretend princesses with her dolls and teddies.

But every morning, when she walks to school with her twin brother Archie and mother Zoie, she undergoes a striking transformation.

As soon as her school comes into view she gets quieter and quieter, and by the time she reaches the playground she’s stopped talking completely.

And silent is how Lucy remains for the rest of the day. Until she spies her house again in the afternoon, she won’t utter a word to teachers or her classmates.

She won’t talk to her twin, laugh — or even open her mouth to cough. If she needs to use the toilet or feels ill she has to hold up flashcards.

Even if she falls over in the playground and hurts herself she won’t make a sound,’ says Zoie, 30, a full-time mum from Chelmsford, Essex. ‘Tears roll down her cheeks but she won’t cry.’
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