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SLP Corner: Awareness of Vague Words

wordfindingforkidsEditor’s Note:  Have you discovered the blog Word Finding for Kids?  Do yourself a favor and check it out, starting with this article!

by Jan Schwanke CCC-SLP

If you are old enough to remember the original Test of Word Finding, you will recall that Diane German divided responders into 4 quadrants: fast and accurate, fast and inaccurate, slow and accurate, slow and inaccurate. The type of intervention we use will depend on the type of word finding difficulties an individual child experiences. Even though the TWF-2 (and now, the TWF-3) doesn’t place children on the grid, looking at their errors in conversation can give us a lot of  helpful information.

For those children who tend to overuse vague words (stuff, guy, thingy, whatchamacallit), I use a number of activities to increase their awareness of the changes they need to make. I start with having them identify errors in my speech. I provide a list of ambiguous sentences like these:

  • I found it in the thing.
  • Where did you put my whatchamacallit?
  • She put the thingie in her backpack.
  • I need to buy a something-or-other.
  • I saw a guy put it in his locker.

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