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SLP Corner: Compliments and Truth Telling

[Source: All 4 My Child]

What happens when someone gives the children in your life presents they don’t like?  Do they say, “Thank you” even if it’s not the present they were expecting?  Do they recognize that the gift giver did something kind or do they say, “I don’t like it”?  Do they think they are not telling the truth if they don’t say exactly what they are thinking.

By the age of 3, children begin to comprehend and even use words to describe what other people are thinking.  For example, “Aunt Rita thought I still liked stuffed bunnies.”  By the age of 4, children understand “trickery” which means they know they can say and do things that are deceptive or not quite true.  By the age of 5, children can compliment others for their accomplishments or good fortune.  Finally, by the age of 6, children understand culturally defined social rules.  They also possess a wide range of behavioral strategies to help them manage emotions.

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