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SLP Corner: How to Encourage Children to Take Turns

Editor’s Note:  Excellent Article on Speechbloguk worth sharing with the parents and guardians of your kiddos.   

[Source:  Speechbloguk]

Taking turns is something that all young (and some not so young!) children find difficult.  It can be particularly challenging for children with language difficulties.  Language delay can often mean that social interaction is a little delayed as well.  Turn-taking is something I often suggest for nursery staff to work on with a preschool child.

This sounds like a small target, but it is actually huge!  There are different types of turn-taking.  For example, taking a turn in a game is different from taking a turn in a conversation.  Both of these are different from just understanding that you may not be able to have the same toy all day long and someone else might want a turn with it too!  Similarly, taking turns with an adult is different from taking turns with another child, and both of those are different from taking turns in a group.  So where do we start?

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