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SLP Corner: Mini Shopping Carts in Speech Language Therapy

8th February, 2018

[Source:  SLP Natalie Snyders]

Have you seen these adorable miniature shopping carts before?  I spotted them a while ago at Hobby Lobby (similar here on Amazon or  Etsy) and had to grab them for use in therapy!  I wanted to share some ways I have been using them in therapy. 

  1. These are great for use with sensory bins when targeting articulation, phonology, or pronouns!  As my students “discover” each individual item hidden in my different sensory bins, we pretend they are shopping for the item.  I’ll pick a set word or phrase, depending on their target, that they have to say before placing the item in the cart (such as “I would like a ___” for a student working on the L, or “She wants a ___” for a student working on pronouns when speaking for a stuffed animal).  Then, once the cart is full, we have to “check out” from the store, where the student hands me each item and says the target word/phrase again.

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