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SLP Corner: Tips for Making a Successful Cleft Palate Team Referral

[Source:  ASHA Leader Live]

A school-based speech-language pathologist is assessing Eleanor, age  6, when she notes an unusual articulation pattern and nasal quality to Eleanor’s speech. Although Eleanor does not have a cleft palate, the SLP has concerns about palatal function and wants to refer her to a team of professionals specializing in disorders of resonance and velopharyngeal function for further assessment. She asks, “Where do I begin?”

Most people with a cleft palate begin working with an interdisciplinary team at birth. However, SLPs occasionally need to seek the guidance of such a team when they suspect velopharyngeal dysfunction (VPD) as a cause of a speech issue for a client. The SLP may refer to a team to establish a diagnosis, determine treatment, request specialized assessment of resonance and velopharyngeal function, or seek advice on managing the case.

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