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SLP Resource of the Week: Working Speech & Language into Bedtime Routine

Editor’s Note:  Here is a great post on a blog we’ve just discovered, Speech and Language Kids.  Definitely something worth sharing!

If you’re like most parents of children with speech and language delays, you would probably love to work on your child’s communication skills more but don’t have the time.  Here are some fun ways to work speech and language skills into the bedtime routine you do every day.

Bath Time:

  • Labeling objects: Take time while giving your child a bath to label what is in the bathtub with him.  You can label the water, shampoo, soap, sponge, wash cloth, toys, etc.  Hold up each thing and show it to your child while you say the word by itself.  Then, you can use the word in a sentence as well.
  • Labeling actions: Talk about what you and your child are doing while you’re giving your child a bath.  You can say “washing”, “pouring”, “splashing”, “squeezing”, “swimming”.  Be sure to use these words by themselves as well as in sentences.
  • Using adjectives: Talk about how things feel in the bathtub.  If your child is old enough, you can ask her how things feel.  Is the bath water hot or cold today?  How does the soap feel?  How does the toy feel?

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