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Social Red Rover Group Game

[Source: Your Therapy Source]
Social Red Rover Group Activity
Purpose: Promote motor skill development, cooperation and social skills.
Materials: none
Activity: Divide the group up into two teams. Place one team on one side of the room and one team on the other side of the room. Just like Red Rover the teams call friends over – i.e. “Red Rover, Red Rover send John right over”. John then walks, hops, jumps, crawls or runs over to the other team. Instead of trying to break through the other team’s line create an activity that John must perform. Try Hi-5’s to each player, shaking hands with each player or hugs to each player.
Continue playing allowing all the children to take turns switching teams. See if the children can think of other ways to greet each other. If you have equipment available, you could set up an obstacle course in between the teams for the children to negotiate as they change teams.
Change it up for a getting to know you activity.  Ask questions such as “if you are the oldest child in your family come on over” or “if your favorite color is pink come on over”.
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