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Stuttering Featured in 'Teen Vogue' Magazine

Thanks to our friends at American Institute for Stuttering blog for letting us know about this article!
[Source:  Teen Vogue]

Stuttering is a communication disorder that makes it difficult for words and sounds to come out fluidly. The exact cause of stuttering is unknown, but about one percent of the population stutters, and it’s most common in children. Even actress Emily Blunt stuttered as a pre-teen. Emily didn’t find solace in speech therapy, but she discovered that speaking with an accent while doing a class play actually helped her stop stuttering. Emily told New York Magazine: “I had a really amazing teacher at that age, when I was twelve, and he was really kind and helpful and encouraged me to be in the class plays, which previously I had no interest in being in ’cause I couldn’t talk…. Once you’re able to hear yourself speak fluently, albeit in a ridiculous accent, you gain the confidence to think this could happen again and again. It was easier after that night.”
Sixteen-year-old Julia Marzovilla reached out to Teen Vogue because she wants to bring attention to an issue that many teens often do not understand, and stop the teasing of those who stutter. Julia bravely shared her story with us, and we encourage you to follow suit and speak up if there’s a topic that you would like Teen Vogue to address.
How has your stutter impacted your life?
“Stuttering has been a major roadblock in my life. I have always been insecure about it, but my stutter definitely doesn’t stop me from talking or being who I am, and I’m really proud of that. So many people are shy and quiet about their stutter and withdraw into silence, but I chose to be vocal, no matter how difficult it may be for me.”
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