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Technology for Tots in the News: Touch-Screen Devices And Very Young Children

Editor’s Note:  This fascinating podcast aired this week on the Diane Rehm show.   Although the discussion mostly centers on neuro-typical children, the last fifteen minutes talks about how the real promise of these devices may just be for our special kiddos, especially those with autism.   One panelist very astutely mentions that these devices take away the external stimuli that children with autism find so distracting to the content they need to absorb.

[Source:  The Diane Rehm Show]

Parents are increasingly allowing their very young children to play with iPads, iPhones and other touch-screen devices. This broadcast is a conversation about interactive applications and brain development (in neurotypical children)

  • Lisa Guernsey, Director, Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation
  • Ben Worthen, Reporter, Wall Street Journal;
  • Heather Kirkorian – Asst. Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Univ of Wisc Madison;
  • Liz Perle -Editor in Chief, Common Sense Media

Listen to the Podcast, or Read the Transcript on the Diane Rehm

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