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The ALPHA Test of Phonology

13th September, 2011

The ALPHA provides two assessments using a delayed sentence imitation format. First, the ALPHA provides a traditional sound-in-position assessment looking at initial and final consonant production. Second, if enough sound errors are present, the sample can be analyzed for the presence of phonological processes. Each of fifty target words is embedded in a short sentence. Following the examiner’s sentence model and presentation of a stimulus picture, the subject repeats the stimulus sentence as the examiner transcribes the target word produced by the subject. From the transcriptions of these target words, the examiner completes the assessment with traditional scoring for articulation errors or by analyzing the sound change errors for the presence of phonological processes. Test results enable the examiner to compare the subject’s performance with normal-speaking peers, aged 3;0 to 8;11, through the use of the normative data, and to determine appropriate intervention goals.

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