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The Educational Relevance of Communication Disorders

1st January, 2008

Power-deFur, L. (2010, August 31). The ASHA Leader.
Meredith was born with multiple disabilities, including severe hearing loss. Through family involvement, early intervention, amplification, speech-language services in school and in a local university clinic, Meredith’s communication skills are approaching age level, with language and listening deficits typical of a child with hearing loss. During Meredith’s second-grade Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting, some team members suggested that Meredith participate in the alternative assessment for special education students rather than the state assessment. Concerned about the implications for Meredith’s ability to pass the high school assessments—and therefore earn a diploma—the parents and the speech-language pathologists advocated for participation in the state assessments. The team agreed and included in the IEP speech-language services that focused on the vocabulary and language skills needed for mastery of the standards and the assessments. The following year, Meredith successfully passed the third-grade assessments.
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