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The Source for Childhood Apraxia of Speech

[Image: sourceforcas.bmp]What causes childhood apraxia of speech? Is it a syndrome? How can I help students with autism who have apraxia? All of these questions, plus many more, will be answered in The Source for Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Benefits Get tips on how to handle a child with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) who: is resistive to therapy has developmental delays or autism/PDD is very young Contains comprehensive information about children who have this neurologically-based disorder. Defines apraxia and describes its causes and characteristics Explains how to evaluate a student to determine if he has apraxia Includes detailed descriptions of therapy programs for the child with CAS Integrates communication goals to facilitate both speech and language skills simultaneously Learn how to expand utterance length Provides oral-motor facilitation techniques of isolated sound productions Promotes practice at home with activities for parents (Source:

Review:  The Source for Childhood Apraxia of Speech helped me set up a methodical and multi-sensory approach for treating a child with severe apraxia of speech.  By using the hand signals for consonant sounds with the consonant production hierarchy, we made more progess than I anticipated.  It was also helpful to rearrange my session schedule so she was seen more times a week for a shorter length of time during each session.  Before reading this book, I felt at a loss for where to start because there were many sounds and consonant-vowel combinations that were not being produced.  By having a guideline, as defined in the book, I was able to provide effective treatment, provide effective exercises, provide parents with relevant homework activities to reinforce her skills, and provide a multisensory approach that she could continue to use in all settings.  It was a tremendous help, and without reading this book, I do not believe we would have made the same amount of progress.  –  Erica Haraldsen, SLP, Millbury, MA
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