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Peds Tx Corner: Printing Sticky Notes for Executive Function Help

by Tara Roehl CCC-SLP


Disclaimer: I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of clients who avoid writing like the plague. And that isn’t even an over dramatization. There is so much anxiety around it for so many of my students. Whether is sensory, motor planning, task initiation … they all have a valid reason for their dislike. I’m a firm believer in “picking your Alamo”, and writing just is not one of them for me. I may make a few OTs angry at me with this post but I’m going to say it: I let my clients avoid writing. Heck, I even help them! Here’s why: I get a very short amount of time with them each week (40 minutes). I am NOT going to spend 20 of it convincing them to START writing. There are different topics that take a priority for us. Not better, not worse. Just different. Ok, now that is out of the way…

I love sticky notes. No really. I REALLY love sticky notes. In college I would write down every task I had to complete for the whole semester on individual sticky notes and surround my computer monitor with them. There was noting more relieving than ripping off that sticky note and tossing it across the room into the trash can.

Sticky notes are a big help for my middle school clients as well. Many of them have trouble with time management, which translates to “task management” and “week management” as well! We began by printing of sheets of paper with the days of the week at the top,

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