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Therapy Activity of the Week: Following Directions / Map Skills Activity Grid Game

[Source:  Kids Activities Blog]
mapactivityA map game can help your child learn the important life skill of map reading. This fun activity combines following directions with map skills activities.
We at Kids Activities Blog love great kids activities like this that get kids moving while teaching them concepts they need to learn.
The goal of this map game is to work your way through the grid by following the directions given. Practice counting and using the words left, right, forward, and backward.
Create a numbered grid on your floor. I used a 6×6 grid because that’s what fit well in our room. Yarn, masking tape, and sticky notes were the supplies I chose. I know masking tape easily comes off of my carpet without harming it, but you might want to test a small unseen corner if you’re unsure. The longer you leave the tape down, the harder it is to remove.
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