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29th January, 2014

by Heidi Kay
As pediatric clinicians, I know you are talking to parents every day who are beating themselves up for what they “didn’t know” or “did wrong” regarding their children.
Today, I was talking to a friend whose daughter (who is one of my daughter’s best friends) is struggling with a serious case of anorexia, and is a specialty rehab facility clear across the country. During that conversation I reminded her that the most demanding job a person can choose is parenthood. Yet, it comes with no manual, no mandatory formal training or continuing education. It is an art, not a science. And even if you could study exactly what pieces and parts you needed to master ahead of time – there is no child exactly like yours and no parent with skills and tools exactly like have.
We need to remember, and remind others, that all we can do – is our best, and sometimes that won’t seem to be enough.
And it’s OK.

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