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Toronto Mom Carries Sign to Alert Strangers About Son's Autism

[Source: Toronto Star]

Attention all subway passengers. Farida Peters wants you to know that if she had time, she’d stop and explain.
She would apologize and tell you she’s doing the best she can on the crowded train. That she’s not a bad mother who doesn’t care about manners, and that when her son gets agitated and unruly, it isn’t his fault.
If she had time. Which she doesn’t. Because she’s too busy trying to avert a meltdown. She’s busy reassuring her little boy that he’ll be okay even though there are no seats for him to sit on today, handing him his yellow toy car, promising him an M&M if he can keep it together for just a few more stops, softly urging him not to make that high-pitched screeching noise.
Instead, she made a sign.
“My son is 5 years old and has autism,” says the laminated message in large black letters.
“Please be patient with us. Thank you.”
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