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Using Instagram for Therapy Inspiration? Here's a Tip to Make it Better!

27th March, 2014

Ever get annoyed that you can’t click on a link that we (or anyone) puts in their Instagram posts? Here is an easy Workaround Tip just for you!

  • From within Instagram, bring up the post that has the link you want to go to.
  •  Scroll to the bottom of the post and bring up the ‘more” menu represented by “…” at the bottom right.
  • Choose “Copy/Share URL”. This will copy the internet address for this particular Instagram post to your clipboard.
  • Next, open your browser.   And paste the link you have copied in your search bar. Hit enter.   This will bring up the link to this Instagram post in your browser.
  • Now scroll down the post and select the URL of the link you want to visit using the method you use on your device to select text. (Press and hold brings up the text selection tool in iOS, click and drag selects on the computer and Android too I believe)
  • Select “Copy”
  • Go to the top of your browser and paste that URL into the search bar, and hit enter.  You will be on the page you want!

Voila!  Hope that helps!

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