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Why More States are Backing off Common Core

[Source:  PBS News Hour]
JUDY WOODRUFF: Now that we’re into July, most students and teachers in the U.S. are enjoying their summer vacation from the classroom. But that hasn’t stopped the red-hot debate over the so called Common Core public education standards for K-12 and new tests that go along with them.

The battle is picking up momentum on several fronts, as Jeffrey Brown reports.

JEFFREY BROWN: One major battleground, a growing list of states that are dropping the Common Core standards. Indiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina have done so. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has issued an order for his state to join them.

But now even places committed to keeping the guidelines are deciding to slow things down. At least seven states and Washington, D.C., have postponed tying teacher and school evaluations to student scores on Common Core-based tests.

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