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Worth Repeating: Angelman Syndrome & Speech-Language Therapy

[Source:  Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics]

Individuals with Angelman Syndrome, regardless of genetic subtype should receive and will benefit from speech and language therapy (“SLT”). SLT will encompass much more than merely facilitating an individual to produce sounds. Functional communication for an individual with Angelman Syndrome will alleviate potential behavioral issues, frustration and isolation that can occur if someone cannot make themselves understood.
A speech and language therapist can generally address an individual’s speech, language, communication, swallowing difficulties, cognitive aspects of communication and sensory awareness related to communication and swallowing.
It is likely that all individuals with Angelman Syndrome will need intensive functional language building on a regular basis. Individuals that are non-verbal can develop appropriate communication skills with effective therapy and consistency. SLT should focus on the numerous forms of communication tools available in order to assist the individual in finding a communication skill set or skill sets that best fit that individual. Individuals with Angelman Syndrome continue to learn and the various therapies should be continuously addressed as the individual’s skills mature.
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