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Worth Repeating: Aural Habilitation Update: The Role of Speech Production Skills of Infants and Children With Hearing Loss

1st January, 2008

Pratt, S. (2005, March 22). The ASHA Leader.
It is well known that the development of speech is extremely limited without adequate auditory input and feedback. An obvious example is that hearing loss in infancy and early childhood usually affects all as pects of speech production unless there is early and consistent use of sensory aids as well as substantive sensorimotor and linguistic training. The speech development of infants and children with hearing loss hinges on their abilities to use audition not only to learn the sounds of their language, but also to use their articulators to produce those sounds and make use of auditory feedback to refine their speech over time. As such, the speech of children with prelingual hearing loss is particularly susceptible to delay and disorder, especially if the severity of the hearing loss is substantial and intervention is delayed or inadequate
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