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Worth Repeating: Do You Make These 3 Mistakes Teaching Phonemic Awareness?

Editor’s Note:  This article was written for classroom teachers, and is an excellent resource that our readers might like to share with the professionals in their schools.


[Source:  Bay Tree Blog]

You know that nagging voice inside your head? The one that says that you’re missing something BIG?

“What’s wrong with my teaching?” it says. “Why can’t my students do something as simple as blending together three sounds?”

The little worries keep piling up. Most of your students are doing fine. But that little voice reminds you that things are not working for all of your students.

“Well, those students aren’t trying as hard. They’re just distracted,” you say.

“What if it has nothing to do with your students?” the voice replies.

What if it really is you? What if that little voice is telling the truth?

We’ve all been there, and THAT’S the truth.

I know I have.

Maybe the voice is right sometimes. Sure, that’s an uncomfortable feeling. But it’s the reason you’re a great teacher. Best of all, that uncomfortable feeling is the reason you’ll be an even better teacher tomorrow.

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