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Worth Repeating: Intervention for Bilingual Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

[Source: Apraxia-Kids]

We thank Apraxia-Kids for allowing us to link to their very useful articles.
By: Kathryn Kohnert, Ph.D., CCC, and Ruth Stoeckel, M.A., CCC-SLP
From a practical standpoint, bilinguals can be defined as individuals who use more than one language in their daily communicative interactions (Grosjean, 1982). In the global village, more than half of all children learn at least two languages. In many cases, these children are from families in which one language is used at home, and another language is used in school and the larger community. In other cases, children live with bilingual parents in dual-language communities, with two languages coexisting and interacting across contexts. The point here is that bilingual children regularly function in environments in which two different languages are used. In order to be successful in these environments, both languages are needed.
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