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Worth Repeating: Melting Down the Autistic Meltdown: Sometimes Tantrums aren't Tantrums

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The one thing that I hear from parents of autistic children the most is how frustrating their child’s meltdowns are and how humiliating it is that nobody around them seems to understand that meltdowns aren’t indicative of the parenting the child receives. Most of them would agree that the ‘baptism by fire’ of the autistic meltdown is the first true initiation into the life of an autism parent. They are scary, frustrating, and embarrassing at times.

First Things First, A Meltdown is Not the Same Thing as a Temper Tantrum

I have learned through the years that the ‘normal’ person will look at a meltdown and perceive it to be a simple temper tantrum being thrown by a brat who has a parent that can’t control them. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to an autistic child. Meltdowns require a great deal of strength from the parents in a lot of cases, they ALWAYS require a massive amount of patience, and without a doubt they require an unheard of amount of love to withstand.

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